Best Gaming Headset 2019 – Pro Buyer’s Guide

Acquiring a best gaming headset 2019 can make a huge difference in your favorite gaming experience. But Just like the HD revolution a couple of years ago, once you sample it yourself and you will wonder how you ever played without it. If you thought looks were everything, you must have heard it wrong. Whether you’re a gaming audiophile with money to burn, or a gamer who’s already burnt all their money, we’ve got you (and your ears) covered, in our list of the best gaming headsets of this year

How we choose our Best Gaming Headsets in 2019?

It’s a given that while picking a gaming headset, sound quality is above all else. For what other reason redesign notwithstanding better quality sound? Incentive for cash is likewise essential: we’re certain hearing Adele singing live in our family room would sound superior to on CD, however we particularly question we could legitimize singing to the note of her six figure expense (in addition to we just truly know that one melody… and simply the chorus).

Manufactured quality also plays and important role in our choices,if one is going to invest hard earned dollars into this, we expect a return. A large one. It has to be comfortable too.Gaming for hours on end in the comfort of our own homes, means it’s only right that we’re, err, well, comfortable. Finally, any additional features the headset provides. This could be Bluetooth connectivity, so you can choose to ignore calls mid game, charging wireless headsets whilst in use or customization EQ options. Our Buying Advice guide below will help you tell your Dolby 7.1 from your DTS:X

While choosing a new headset, you have to make sure all the requirements you need, they are durable or not, and that you can wear them for long periods of time.

Best Gaming Headsets 2019

#1: HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset  2019 (Best for Ps4)

Best Gaming Headset ps4

After searching for more than 20 hours out of 15 gaming headsets, we have found that the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is the best choice (mostly hardcore gamers) cause the brand offers the most features and function in the best balance of price

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is a great gaming headset, and is designed to give you exceptional experience as you play. The distortion that you can hear in regular headsets is been reduced by the Brand Dual Chamber Design and helps to create a clear sound that is truly immersive. The cord control on the side allows to set volume of the headset easy.

So far in durability, the headset has an aluminium frame that is designed to be used on daily basis. The code is braided, and the durable leather material of the band headset is also very much pliable and great comfortable on the head. In fact, even after playing for hours user will feel comfortable because of memory foam padding in earpieces.

The headset features a noise cancellation microphone so that you can play in a room with other gamers without being heard in Discord. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is compatible with PC.

  • Aluminium headband
  • Great sound, clear at max volume.
  • Super comfortable, memory foam is very soft on ear cups and top of head
  • Mic doesn’t pick up many background noises, windscreen for fan works well
  • Screws into plastic to hold ear cups
  • Braided line can kink or be a hassle


#2: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 (Best Gaming Headset)

Best Gaming Headsets

Turtle Beach Stealth 450 features glossy black back panels that include light up Turtle Beach logos. Manufactured of plastic matte black, the stealth 450 have elliptical ear pads that envelope your ears in comfortable way and a headband that has a tension point makes them a little light, specially on the sides.Though the plastic model, this headset doesn’t feel cheap or fake, but it also feels as great, as no one would like with padding which is thinner and stiffer than its competitors.

At the end of durable metal arm is a mini black plastic tab which connects the eradicable boom mic. On the right ear cup, this is the place were you will find all the controls and connections involving a 3.5 MM jack and a micro USB for charging. The wireless USB port will turn the light on when connect the headset, and when the headset is connected to PlayStation 4 it will function as stereo headset.

A great music quality can be acquired with the Stealth 450 which can handle bass tracks without disturbance. The sounds from the Stealth 450 lean heavily towards the low-mids with some of the higher frequencies getting some sculpting to balance out the music giving it a typical audio profile for a gaming headset. Games will also sound full and forceful when you use the Stealth 450, and this headset will bring out the creepy low ends and creature sounds as you play.

  • Price is affordable works with several game stations which also includes PlayStation 4
  • Sleek Design with different color variety
  • Battery charges last a long time and the battery also recharges very quickly, even while you are wearing the headset
  • Head/ears hurt after prolonged use
  • The headset lacks the high-frequency sculpting that is needed for balance and the surround sound isn’t very effective


#3: V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphone 2019

Best Headset for Gaming 2019

V-MODA Crossfade headsets allows their users to actually enjoy their headphones when connected with Bluetooth device even when you are 33 feet away. One can also use the headphones with two different ways when playing games or multitasking for work. With the hidden built-in microphone, you will have voice capabilities that are optimized and they are specially built for recognition of voice and phone calls.

The brand features lithium-ion battery which gives continuous entertainment, movies, and calls that last long upto 12 hours.

One can completely charge the headset in 100 minutes cause of included V-Micro USB cable allowing you unlimited music in the wired mode. The 50 mm dual-diaphragm is a classy version of Cross-fade M-100 that accurately balanced of air flo and offers speaker consistency.

The V-MODA is built with a blend of new vegan leather and steel to meet military-level benchmarks, in addition to it includes natural noise isolation and an adaptable foam headband and pads for an ultimate gaming experience during long hours of use. This plan experienced a very long time of exact building and tune remote hardware to hold V-MODA’s famous shapes and materials while additionally setting the bar by giving an enhanced mark sound to either wireless or wired playback.

The Cross-fade Wireless headphones of 2019 are a great choice for someone looking for punchy bass, extended highs, and excellent clarity. The fact that these sound so great in wireless mode is perhaps the most amazing thing about them. The default ear pads do require replacing for the best comfort, and they still can get your ears hot – but it’s a small gripe to an otherwise excellent pair of wireless headphones.

  • They are not too heavy allowing you to wear the headset for quite a few hours without discomfort and they don’t get too hot that they are annoying
  • They have great sound quality with the bass signature that you want in a headset, plus the mids are decent and the highs are heard well
  • Construction is VERY sturdy
  • This is a pretty expensive headset, especially when compared to its competitors, so you need to be prepared to pay for the quality you are getting
  • There isn’t an active noise cancelling feature on this headset and the noise isolation features are only decent


#4: SteelSeries Siberia 800 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset 2019

Best Gaming Headsets 2019

Featuring you the three Dolby surround sound technology, The Siberia 800 gives user the ultimate professional sound that has some low latency and lag free. working with all game systems, the headset has a stunning OLED display and features Live-Mix to give you durable control to get the perfect balance between chats and audio. And, for long hours of playtime, The headset has two batteries that are hot-replaceable batteries, including a built-in charger, So when playing a long session you will never run out of battery.

The Siberia 800 also gives you more versatility among game systems, plus it features a shared port when you want to play with your friends. The continuous frequencies feature hopping technologies that stop any interference, plus the Siberia 800 gives you the lowest latency on the market with a fixed audio stream that provides smooth and consistent audio delivery.

It also comes with an incredible design with a stylish matte black look and a perfect finish on the ear cups. For long hours of play the headset features inner ear cup and the stitching orange lights and padding memory foam on the ear cups. For fine-tune settings on can make adjustments with the ear cup controls.

  • The sturdy design of headset make this an expensive pair
  • It has a really clear microphone with a flexible boom that won’t get it the way
  • The Lithium-ion battery allows you to play for 20 hours
  • The 7.1 surround sound is not designed for music, so the bass is a bit weak.


#5: Sennheiser GAME ONE – Best Gaming Headset 2019

best budget gaming headset

Sennheiser Game one is a best gaming headset 2019 that comes from a brand that has over 70 years of experience in the sound industry,so it is no wonder that these headset is in our list. The headset is light in weight and perfect for anyone who does not want a lot of stress in their neck while playing games. Plus, the red and black style of the model is quiet pleasing to the eye; In fact, it has a somewhat professional look.

For the comfortable of ear the Brand features an open design, even playing long hours of games. The velvet padding in the headset ear-cups helps in not pressing against your ears and cause discomfort. The Model is been designed to be compatible with desktops, consoles, and even mobile devices can be connect with the wire.

  • FLAT response of this headphone makes this headphone to produce sound that strongly resembles Sennheizer Reference Headphones
  • This headset performs very well with good audio gears
  • Assuming that it is fair with proper gear such as DAC, headphone amp, etc this Headphone is suitable even for PC-Fi (cuz it is FLAT)
  • Virtually fits on everyone’s ear and head, assuming that you adjusted it properly
  • Collapsible. One of few headphones that can actually be carried abroad
  • Boom Mic of this headset has impressive quality
  • Sennheizer Quality with SENNHEIZER PRICE
  • Overkill Mic that increases price of the product
  • Cable too long for PC/Smartphone/Mac; possibly too short for console


How do I Choose a Best Gaming Headsets for 2019?

  • Design and Comfort – You obviously want a headset that fits your head well without breaking the first time you use it. Read some reviews and make sure that you are getting a headset that was designed well to provide comfort for long gaming sessions and doesn’t cause any type of pain after wearing them for a few hours.
  • Performance – The most important performance feature is with games, but some people also want to use them to listen to music or movies. Again, by reading reviews, you will get a good idea of how well each of these headsets will perform.
  • Microphone Quality – Intelligibility is a high priority for a good gaming headset as you want your teammates to be able to hear you clearly in the middle of a game. Make sure the headset you are considering has a good broadcast quality for your voice.