Best Mens Wallets 2019: #10 Best Wallets Reviewed for Classy Men’s

While technology is taking on more and more in our financial life, most of the men’s still need a wallet to carry their cash, debit and credit cards, driver’s license and other important IDs. With lot of styles and features (bi-fold, genuine leather, clip and smartphone-compatible), it can be tough to zero in on the best mens wallets 2019 for you. There are somethings to take into consideration before making your decision is where you wear your wallet (front pocket vs. back pocket), price and what style is most comfortable and good looking for you. With all the styles keeping in mind we have reviewed the ten best mens wallets of 2019 for you.

Best Mens Wallets 2019 

We have divided the best mens wallets 2019 in different parts, with maintaining all the styles and other features and chosen the best mens wallet of 2019 for you.

Best Front Pocket Wallets 2019: Keeping your wallet up front is not a very good idea for theft prevention purposes, it’s actually better for your spine. Well keeping your wallet up front also helps you to push our cash or necessary things much quicker for tolls or just a drive-thru. Anyways there are limitless reasons to go with a front pocket wallet, and that’s why we’ve selected the 5 best front pocket wallets from all around the globe.

Best RFID Wallets 2019: Latest trends for thieves has just to buy a cheap device from eBay, walked beside by you on a crowded street of New York, and they’re done. That’s it. They will. make an instant duplicate of your credit card and start swiping your credit card cash limit. So don’t let yourself fall victim to their such petty crimes. Block their RFID devices with a certified RFID blocking wallet 2019.

Best Front Pocket Wallets 2019

#1: Mont Blanc Men’s Meisterstuck Front Pocket Wallet

Crafted with 100% pure leather, with Mont Blanc Men’s Meisterstuck you get the uncluttered approach with supreme attention in detail. There’s no closure, this wallet allows user for quick access in the safest pockets of your jeans or pants. The lining of cotton keeps the bills away from sweating, while cradling your cards; you just don’t want the chip reader to get scraped –off. Go with the styled wallet that speaks about your character, there’s nothing to hide, only convenience to be had comes first in our list of best mens wallets 2019.



Model: 113309
Weight: 5.6 ounces

#2: Victorinox Men’s Altius Bi-Fold Front Pocket Wallet 2019

Victorinox makes some of the best ultimate wallets around the globe, and Altius Bi-Fold Front Pocket is no exception. Imported Crafted from genuine Napa leather the wallet is just ready to move with you, the design is slim for the over-all comfort. It’s one size fits all with their all-black leather wallet for your front pocket with some ideal space for bills and cards. The fabric lining ensure that your bills and other paper won’t sweat, while the enormous design allows user for swift access of your bills and cards, the durable feature of Victorinox is one that can’t be ignored; go with the time-tested crafters of excellent products.

Brand: Victorinox
Model: 301639
Weight: 7.2 ounces

#3: Levi’s Men’s Slim Fit Front Pocket Wallet 2019

The wallet is inexpensive and featuring the “American Western Frontier” look, one can choose between 6 different styles, which also include a slim pocket of plastic for fast access to your card, or quick viewing of your identification. Projected for hand wash only and made from 75% polyurethane, 25% leather, the sturdiness and trustworthiness of Levi’s Men’s Slim Wallet will stick with you for long time. The ages and weather will nicely compliment on your style instead of looking shabby or tattered.


Brand: Levi’s
Model: 31LV1622
Weight: 4 ounces

#4: Molecule Ripstop Card Wallet

If you’re like 50% people in the world, and not using cash anymore, you want an uncluttered wallet for safely storing your cards, and nothing else. The Gallantry features its Pioneer Carry ripstop wallet offering a custom FutureForm, the ripstop fabric is heat-molded that physically can’t quit on you. With couple of specs it comes with three card (or cash) slots, the fact that no one can ignore is, the wallet is ten times stronger than steel, and the lightweight build of just 28 grams, the ripstop wallet leaves nothing at all to be desired and everything to gain.


Brand: Gallantry 
Model: Molecule
Weight: 28.2 gm

#5: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Front Pocket Wallet 2019

Tommy’s been responsible for some of the best apparel to ever put on the shoulders of any classy man. It’s only fitting that the brand hits the accessories as well. In numerous designs and styles, with Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wallet user get a 100% genuine leather wallet that’s form with a magnet closure for the surety of nothing falls our when you reclaim it from your jeans pocket, you’ve just got a slim card case, tonal stitched and match that with the logo plaque that looks stylish and just doesn’t fade with time. The money clip-inclusive wallet is ready for anything you throw at it (or in it)


Brand: Tommy Hilfiger
Model: 31TL160001
Weight: 5.6 ounces

Best RFID Wallets 2019

#1: Travelambo RFID Wallet 2019

While some genuine leather wallets of 2019 can be a disturbance to use in your front pockets, this one has been designed with you in mind. Travelambo has featured it’s effective and attractive RFID blocking card friendly wallet. So one don’t anxiously attempt to stole your wallet again. You’ll feel safe with one of the best card protector sleeves on the market, manufactured by independent laboratory testing and approval. Travelambo didn’t hold out on us with this insane quality and protection, all while keeping a stylish look about it.


Brand: Travelambo
Model: TRA1504
Weight: 0.64 ounces

#2: Radix One Black Steel RFID Wallet 2019

The Brand Radix featuring its premier RFID blocking wallet 2019, The wallet provides higher blocking capabilities from all RFID signals which means your information will be that much safer. This is an imported wallet in the market, and can easily fit up-to 10 cards before feeling scrambled. While all the security keeping in mind, the wallet is way thinner than any other RFID wallet. The combination of money clip, allows user to keep everything you need handy, all while keeping your RFID proof wallet cost-effective. The ultimate credit card protector sleeve on the market.


Brand: Radix Products
Model: RDX002BS
Weight: 0.32 ounces

#3: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s RFID Wallet 2019

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known brand from ages, and they launched their first RFID protection wallet, people were a bit surprised to see them do such a great job in the field of technology. Thanks to the brand that they have RFID wallets, because this makes a balance in style, cost effectiveness, and gives you the security that you need today’s world of advanced technologically data stealing devices, well this will be the most effective RDIF credit card sleeve models that you’ll be able to buy today.


Brand: Tommy Hilfiger
Model: 31TL220053
Weight: 7.2 ounces

#4: Dango Dapper RFID Wallet

With 100% genuine leather, build to block the strong RFID signals, and styled keeping you in mind. Dango Dapper burst into the scene for a superior RFID signal blocking wallet. With a compact design built to hold up to 12 cards, you’ll need nothing in the terms of ideal space. Even when the wallet is being loaded up with every credit card space that it can handle, it’s only going to linger around half an inch thick. It’s just the perfect fit for your credit card data, and pairing it with anything. Stay safe and protected while looking your best, knowing that your information will be safe.


Brand: Dango Dapper
Weight: 2.4 ounces

#5: Flipside RFID Blocking Wallet 2019

The technology of RFID blocking adapts to the newest forms of identity and information thievery, and Flipside just took it one step further. Flipside wallet have a supreme amount of boils and cards to remain the slimline model, and keep on the best security as possible. Holding 8 different and 10 cash bills it becomes one of the best RFID proof wallet of 2019 models on the market today. With crushproof technology you can feel safe as can be, meaning your cards will not get chipped, cracked, or split in the extremely tough and durable RFID proof chassis.


Brand: Flipside
Model: FS4-flare
Weight: 2.4 ounces