Best Hair Dryers 2019 #Reviews for Best Blow Dryers of 2019

Let’s face the fact: blow-drying your hair is a bore. And in summer, it’s that much more of a sweaty struggle. While for some, it will be simple to buy a salon package for regular blowouts, but for some, a DIY option is much more realistic, and affordable. So which best hair dryers 2019, can make the process feel less like junk work?

Well hair dryers are a must-have tool for their complete versatility. Not also these dryers help you to dry your wet hair after a shower, but also they help in creating amazing different hair styles that will last-long all day. But also there are some points to refer before buying the best hair dryers of 2019, are gentle on your tresses, and will wont destroy your dyed hair or just distress already damaged locks.

The article is for those who are going from lack of time in their hands but always like to have neatly styled hair that is selfie-ready every day, We’ve picked some of the best hair dryers 2019 in the market.

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#1: The Wallet-Friendly Hair Dryer of 2019

Hair Dryer of 2019

  • Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer 2019

The hair dryer is the most budget-friendly option in the market. This one is the most frequently reviewed one on Amazon Market Place (with over 2000 reviews) those numbers are largely positive too, as mention, it ensures more power than wattage that the Dyson and doesn’t weight too heavy – dryer is about 1.7 pounds, so the weight is still less than a barre class weight.

#2: The Basic Hair Dryer of 2019

Best Hair Dryers of 2019

  • Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 2400 Hair Dryer 2019

The Tourmaline dryer is light in weight, but in a flimsy sort of way, thought it claims to be the noisiest dryer in the list of best hair dryers 2019. If you’re will to make a few sacrifices though, then there is a bargain option available. The product features some standard settings: three speeds (high, medium, low), three heating options (low, medium, high), a cool shot button for perfect airflow, finger diffuser, and the dryer is styling in pink. While it does boast frizz-fighting ion technology, I’d recommend it for those who want to diffuse their curls or dry naturally straight hair.

#3: The Lightest Hair Dryer of 2019

Best blow dryers 2019

  • InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer 2019

With a weight of 13.5 ounces, there is an option from InStyler felt the lightest hair dryer of 2019 in the list. The packaging is super glossy, but if one wants to go with this dryer, It’s really perfect for yours blow-dry, and your arm isn’t going to get tired. The glossy effect comes from the white facets and a sparkling blue light. The dryer has some amazing features including a two heat settings, cool shot button, and an ionic switch. Although, the coolest feature is the airflow dial which allows you to control the amount of air you’re using by scrolling up and down with your finger.

#4: Can Use for a Lifetime Hair Dryer of 2019

Best blow dryers of 2019

  • Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer 2019

Well the Elchim is not the lightest option (2.6 Pounds) but the coolest one, cause the mom of Rio Viera-Newton, Strategist’s beauty writer, likes this hair dryer because it’s get the job done and it also has a lifetime warranty.

#5: The Italian Hair Dryer of 2019

blow dryers 2019

  • Parlux Parlux Eco Friendly 3800 Hair Dryer 2019

The brand is not super popular, but one can see Parlux very often on backstage during Fashion Weeks. The hair dryer is a slightly inexpensive option that’s compact, durable and super-light. Also it’s made in Italy, so it will work all around the globe and will not short out (all you need is a right converter). The famous hairstylist Rubi Jones appreciates the hair dryer with some of these qualities: it has “2,100 watts for faster blowouts; a spout that is narrow and small, so it becomes much easy to direct the air, also helps in faster dry hair, smooths hair more easily, and reduces frizz; it has multiple airflow and heat settings, including a cool shot setting for helping ‘set’ a style.”

hair dryers 2019

  • Parlux 3200 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer 2019

Brand featuring it’s another version, news reported that this hair dryer is beloved by one the most famous hairstylist in Paris, David Mallet for being effectively everlasting, light weight, and able to give smooth blowouts for French girl hair.

#6: The Upgraded Hair Dryer of 2019

best hair dryer 2019

  • T3 Micro Cura Luxe Hair Dryer 2019

Some of you might have been a long-time fan of brand T3, the minor chip upgrade to an older T3 dryer have been used by many people around the globe, the dryer is fitted out with some enormous diffuser, two nozzle options, five heat settings, and two speed settings. Some claim that when the dryer is used in both wet and dry hair on the hottest heating air flow, it took about only twenty minutes to dry the hair and also 10 minutes to fashion a bouncy, frizz-free dry style. The only issue with the dryer is: all switch buttons (the heat, power and speed) are placed on the front side of the dryer, so one might find it awkward to click back and forth between drying sections of hair.

#7: The Over-all Hair Dryer of 2019

best hair dryers in 2019

  • Devacurl & Devafuser Hair Dryer 2019

The DevaCurl Dryer & DevaFuser will help you manage your curly frizz.

Girls and guys with curly manes can have a hard time finding a dryer that is delicate on fine tresses and also effective at calming unruly hair. Thanks to its ionic heat, this dryer dries your hair to define your natural curls. The diffuser attachment, albeit strange-looking, provides five prongs and 50 air vents that deliver 360-degree airflow toward your curls, thus enhancing the natural waves of your hair while also taming frizz. The dryer is gentle enough that it won’t damage fine hair, and will leave a sleek shine in your tamed curls.