Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair Review

Herman Miller’s protected Kinemat® has become the new benchmark in the arena of ergonomic office seating as the chair comes in our list of most comfortable office chair of 2019 or most comfortable desk chair. The incredible, now iconic design fits you and fits into your home. as classic aeron provides healthy comfort and balanced body support. Tilt component lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and lower legs turn normally.

Exceptional breathable Pellicle suspension disperses the body warm that develops while you work, keeping you cool and comfortable, while giving unparalleled back support, Fully Adjustable Arms adjust from a height of 6.8 inches above the seat to 10.8 inches above the seat, slide backward and forward over a range of 2.5 inches, and pivot 15 degrees outward and 17.5 degrees inward.

The “waterfall” front edge of the seat takes the weight off your thighs, so your blood continues flowing, keeping you caution and centred on your work.

The spearheading PostureFit® instrument encourage the way your pelvis tilts normally forward, so your spine remains adjusted and you maintain a strategic distance from back pain.

• Comfort at its best.
• 12-year Herman Miller warranty with Official Born-On-Date sticker.
• Best Task Chair
• Lumbar support is ok.