Best Golf Balls 2019 Pro Buyer’s Guide

One of the main things that could help you in improving your golf this summer is must using the same golf ball on every shot, It surely ensures you have full upfront confidence over every shot cause you will be able to predict what your golf ball will do. Although golf balls look very same from the outside, but you that it be vary from brand to brand and model to model. All of the best golf balls 2019 on this list feature urethane covers, which do come at some cost, but believe me it offers the best spin control and feel.

what do you need to consider?

Golf balls features some alternative versions that will spin slightly less for players who prefer a firmer feel or more control off the tee. Do try both types from a range of distances the best golf balls that suit’s you.

Cover Material

Urethane covers offer the best spin control and feel but do cost more. Experiment to see if you notice enough of a difference to validate the extra cost.

Short game or long game?

With conflicting fitting messages from different brands, consider if your game will benefit most from extra yards off the tee or better feel and control around the greens.

Take a look at the list of Best Golf Balls 2019

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Srixon Z-Star latest golf balls have me much improved to feature more spin and at some distance with a focus on consistency in the wind. A new 338 Speed Dimple pattern sees five different dimple sizes for a powerful shot. The Z Star has a Energetic Gradient Growth core which is softer in the middle and harder on the outside for an increased soft feel, whilst the Z-Star XV’s high-repulsion’ core increases distance off the tee. They also promise exceptional greenside spin thanks to a 13% softer Spin Skin coating.

Buy Srixon Z-Star                                        Buy Srixon Z-Star XV

Titleist Pro V1 has been featured a best golf ball in golf. Coming up a new 2.0 ZG Process Core which helps lower the spin in long game and increase ball speeds. The Pro V1 flies lower and feels softer, whilst the Pro V1x feels firmer, flies higher and spins more on stronger shots.  The setup of Urethane Elastomer cover gives the added control and feel in short game.

Buy Titleist Pro V1                                        Buy Titleist Pro V1x

The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are kind of five-layer balls with each of the layer firmly optimized towards every different areas of the game. The TP5 is the softer golf ball of the two, whilst the TP5x, which is the ball used by Rory Mcllroy, is the lower spinning model.

Buy Taylor TP5                                        Buy TaylorMade TP5x

The new Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls from Callaway, and is made with one of the world’s strongest materials called Graphene. Stronger than Diamond! For helping the ball speeds and distance capabilities the Graphene allows inner core to be larger and outer core to be thinner.

Buy Chrome Soft                                        Buy Chrome Soft X

Volvik’s S4 is designed for fast swinging players looking for control around the greens and it feels incredibly soft. The urethane cover helps spin on short shots and the core aides’ distance off the tee.

Vice is a famous German company who make premium performance golf balls at low prices. If you are buying the golf balls in bulk it can be picked up in £1.79. The Pro is for the enhanced fast swinging players and comes with stick to The Green technology to aide short game performance. Also, the Pro Plus is for faster swingers and offers lower spin than the pro

Buy Vice Golf Pro                                        Buy Vice Golf Pro Plus

Miuzno’s MP-S is a three-piece ball and it is the softest ball that brand make. It features a 0.5 mm thick cover for faster ball speeds off the tee and a 330 dimple pattern for stability in flight. The MP-X is a four-piece ball and spins less off the tee. It has the same 330 dimple pattern as the MP-S.

Buy Mizuno MP-S                                        Buy Mizuno MP-X