The future is now: Gadgets that will change your life in 2019

#8: A kitchen that is smarter than you.


Touch screens will soon be part of your tables! With the Galaxy Tab technology, the so-called Prisma Smart Kitchen will make cooking a lot easier and a lot more fun!

#9: Touchscreen shirts.

Touchscreen shirts

The fitness wristwatch is about to be replaced by t-shirts that will be able to monitor heart rate, calorie burn as well as your body temperature.

#10: The Laser Watch.

Laser Watch

Like a watch. Just ten times more awesome.

#11: Audio tooth implant.

Audio tooth implant

Be prepared for making phone calls with your tongue from now on.

#12: Smart contact lenses.

Smart contact lenses

If you always get lost in new cities, these contact lenses are for you!

#13: The Stethoscope Phone Case.

Phone Case

Don’t trust your doctor? This device has been developed by a 15-year-old genius and is currently awaiting approval in the United States.

#14: The Bio Robot refrigerator.

Bio Robot refrigerator

This odorless, non-sticky cooling gel will keep your food chilled and safe until you need it again. It might take a while to get used to, though.