Best Gaming Keyboard 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

The best gaming keyboard 2019 simply means knowing whether you prefer a serious mechanical keyboard or a simple board.Once you have made your decision(mechanical all the way, obvious) we have written the in-depth review so that you can choose the right one.

The Gaming Keyboard is the delicate part of the PC gaming experience. together with best desk chair it develops the perfect relation that offers us PC the most accurate and speed working control system of any gaming machine.

But whats makes the so incredible gaming keyboard? so there are two different phases of keyboard front is: mechanical keyboard 2019 and non-mechanical keyboards of 2019. the first mechanical keyboard is perfectly developed for hard core gamer out there and second one comes with some lesser options, so right here is the fight between two of them and which one you prefer.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2019

          Type – Mechanical|Switch-Cherry MX Speed|Anti-ghosting-N-key

best gaming keyboard 2019

Corsair K70 boards are the absolute best gaming keyboards 2019 we have ever used. Since the launch was back in 2013. Unlike the strafe or the overly-bling K95 Platinum,have been able to duplicate the same mix of simple design and sheer pleasure to use.

Boards have evolved over the years of technology, now fully mech-switched and offering multiple cherry MX options and RGB LED light, but they never changed the design since their inception.The simple brushed aluminium base gives the board a robot feel and with the floating keys above the light bleed from the per-key illumination gives a under-lit glow.

Too many boards hide their controls behind the F keys, requiring some digital finger to press two keys at the same time. while it is not possible to do this in the middle of a game. scrolling volume wheel is the best part, and many other have been copied the board but could not make it better probably in the list of best gaming keyboard 2019.

The hardcore gamers might get a slight boost in speed from their button clicks because of the light touch Cherry MX Speed,and the rest of gamers don’t have to be so heavy-handed while gaming or just typing. The speed switches are almost the same as standard red switches

You can also buy this non-RGB verison for the aesthetic alone. you’ll still get LED back-lighting, but it’s red only.

  • Satisfying “bubble packing” pop sound
  • Feels a tad bit of added resistance to offset mistypes
  • The build quality is superb and the brushed aluminum looks and feels great.
  • No strain on fingers, great for my carpel tunnel.
  • Software is easy to use and utilizes low resources
  • Don’t get this if you have thin walls or have a new born. The clicks may drive some up the wall. Consider the brown switch variant if you are concerned.
  • More of a linear switch rather than tactile. The sound and resistance help offset this and make it seem more tactile.
  • You will have a short adaptation curve in order to not bottom out the keys.


Best gaming keyboards 2019 runner-up

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If you are not a big fan of the different of Cherry MX switch, here come the Logitech with own Romer G option. The Romer G switch are a little shallower than the standard Cherry MX switches, though the switches are not quite as as the slightly speed of the Rapid-fire. Their action feels a little deadened when the board is been compared to other Cherry alternative, but that also make them the silent board.. The Spectrum of G810 Orion has a simple elegant design which makes favorite to many of the gamers. The G810 also has media controls to K70 which is always a thumbs up for most of the gamer.

  • Customized lighting for games and general use.
  • Easy to configure
  • Romer-G switches have a more muted sound, but mechanical feel
  • Not made of high end materials.
  • Logitech software and keys not 100% color matched.
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    Best gaming keyboard 2019 runner-up

    best gaming keyboard

    Razer also manufacture their own switches in their Best Pc gaming keyboards of 2019.They have covered up orange, green, and yellow switches, which are more or less analogous to cherry MX brown, blue and silent switches. you would be having 3 different options in Blackwidow Chroma V.2. some hardcore gamers have been using the yellow switches and reviewed that thy are very responsive and pretty quiet compared to similar cherry MX reds.

    The board features the same sunk-in design of the first iteration leaving the slimmer floating design to the Blackwidow X, sorry to say Blackwidow still does not feature the media keys.we would prefer to integrate these with the function keys.In other ways, the board retains a sleek style thanks to the lack of implemented controls and the clean font, unlike other keyboard manufactures have implemented these keys in stylish and fitting ways, and for a gaming board, Blackwidow don’t have much excuse for leaving them out. the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V.2 is an incredible keyboard and the included wrist rest is superb.

    • Lighting is as bright as you want it (up to very bright), every color you could want in easily customization patterns
    • Key spacing is great, makes it harder to fat finger keys
    • The wrist pad is easily the best
    • Every key can be reprogrammed into any macro/key combination.
    • The keys require more force then I like from a gaming keyboard.
    • The actuation is so high up you cannot rest your hand on the keyboard thoughtlessly.


    Best compact gaming keyboard runner-up

    best budget gaming keyboard

    There are littler boars, which pass up a great opportunity the numpad on the right, yet because of the way the HyperX group have outlined the Alloy FPS its desktop impression isn’t that considerably more prominent than those chop down Keyboards. Furthermore, for a decent numerous gamers missing the numpad can be a genuine deal-breaker. That makes it an awesome alternative for those hankering a more smaller design yet would prefer essentially not to forfeit keys.

    The unbending metal base is extremely reminiscent of the splendid K70, with the keys relatively floating over the board and the red LED shine delicately spreading out underneath them. Yet, the base barely extends the limits of the keys themselves, keeping that impression to a base. The inflexible outline additionally loans the Alloy FPS a substantial feeling of strength and vigorous quality.

    As a smaller gaming console it doesn’t have the discrete media controls I’d ordinarily prefer, rather utilizing modifiers on the function keys, and HyperX have settled on an odd decision in including a charging port as opposed to a full go through data and power connection. They’re likewise just offering the Alloy FPS with clicky Cherry MX Blue switches at this moment, however will offer a more extensive territory soon, reported at CES nearby the RGB board.

    As it seems to be, the Alloy FPS still makes for an extraordinary compact gaming console, conveying all the mechanical switch control you’d need. It’s an extraordinary first go at the board market and demonstrates to have been definitely proves to have been well worth the wait.

    • Cherry MX Blue switches
    • Well-built and compactly designed, with no sacrifices to key sizes
    • Removable miniUSB cable
    • Easily transportable, complete with travel pouch
    • Limited customization options and no dedicated software


    Best compact gaming keyboard 2019 runner-up

    Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M

    Those RGB LED switches are fine and good on the off chance that you need to paint a rainbow over your board, yet in the event that you’re after the cleanest, brightest, retina-searing white then Cooler Master’s MasterKey Pro M has got you secured. This little scale form likewise nails the compact outline while as yet holding a full numpad.

    That may appear like a type of ergonomic voodoo, however Cooler Master have just dumped the discrete navigation switches and coordinated them in their well-known arrangement inside the numpad. By temperance of its onward available ARM processor, the Pro M can run sans drivers to give you the full supplement of on-the-fly macros and lighting impacts without waiting for the OS to get up to speed.

    The Cooler Master MasterKey Pro M accompanies either Cherry MX Red, Blue, or Brown keys – to get the lowdown. As far as real outline it’s super-essential yet that implies it’s additionally object free, with a separable USB cable, strong balance and no messing around.

    • Brighter lights
    • Better keycaps
    • More options to customize lighting (effects like the raindrops, or setting your own custom keys are really wonderful)
    • The NUMLOCK will not work on OSX without a third party app